Hudson, Ink
Monday, April 19, 2021

CIM Sample

  1. Add a new panel to the portal demo site (57727) and title it "CIM - (Company Name)".
  2. Paste a copy of the Customer Information code into the new panel and update each property to match the customer's information.
  3. Add the panel as a default panel for the corresponding customer site as well as to the Panels tab of the Home Page Settings area of the Pages manager.
  4. Insert Smart Tags anywhere in the site where you want customer data to appear by surrounding the property name (i.e. FacebookPage) with square brackets (the ones that look like [ ]).


CompanyName: [CompanyName]
License Number: [LicenseNumber]
FacebookPage: [FacebookPage]
TwitterPage: [TwitterPage]
GooglePlusPage: [GooglePlusPage]
HomePage: [HomePage]
AppointmentsPage: [AppointmentPage]
City: [City]
State: [State]
Phone: [Phone]
PhoneSeparator: [PhoneSeparator]
AltPhone: [AltPhone]
Email: [Email]
CouponText: [CouponText]
CouponDisclaimer: [CouponDisclaimer]